Weevil – Update
EnviroScience was back at Blue Lake checking on our weevils in mid-July . There was visual evidence of the weevils eating the Eurasion milfoil on both ends of the lake. The 2nd installment of weevils, approximately 10,000 per end, was also introduced to the lake in early July. EnviroScience gave us twice the amount of weevils this year as they had a lot left from their stocking program, for the same amount of money.
EnviroScience returned to the lake in early September and did a thorough survey of the lake for the summer. Jeff Townsend and Sue Ellen Dolan accompanied the two EnviroScience scientists and were pleasantly surprised to see the weevil hard at work. The west end appears to have a significant amount of weevil damage to the milfoil and was in much better shape than a year earlier. The east end showed some improvement ,especially in two areas where the weevil had made a visible impact. The east end having a denser population of milfoil will take at least 2 to 3 more years of eating on the milfoil to show real improvement. EnviroScience will give us a complete survey report some time in late October. BLIA will post it on it’s website www.bluelakeimprovement.org when we receive it. Click to read more …

Report from Solarbee on Blue Lake Water Quality, 8/24/2011 (2.7 mb, .pdf)

Blue Lake Water Quality Sampling (.pdf, 59kb)

Phytoplankton Sample Analysis (.pdf, 41kb)

Hi All,

The July 5th water testing looks good from Solar bee [ see attachment ]. The clarity and sechy level is very good and ph also looks good. It’s early and with increased temperatures coming, things will change as summer goes along. Even with higher water levels than normal for this time of year, Chris at solar bee believes the fourth solar bee and weevil activity to cut down some of the weed growth is hopefully improving our lake. I feel good about this report but August and September will be the real test to see algae control and clarity.
Sarah from Enviro Science [weevils] will be out Thursday morning July 14TH to add more weevil and give us an up to date report on last years batch. I have been out a couple of times to look at the weeds on both ends, the west end appears to look better than last year but the east end still looks thick with weeds, although I did notice some areas that looked better??? . Again the water being high makes it a little harder to see just how good or bad it really is. Either Joe H. or I or both will go out with them to ask questions and show our support. Anyone interested in tagging along let me know.
Next BLIA meeting will be August 2ND MY HOUSE AT 7:00PM. Bring your questions from report or email me ahead of time and I’ll get answers from Chris or Sahra. If you can’t make it let me know.
Jeff Townsend