In 1928 Blue Lake and the adjacent north shore property were established as a privately owned and run park by Nick and Maidie Welch. They purchased the boat and canoe rental concession and thus Blue Lake park was off to it’s new updated version. Over the years the swim center and paddle boat concessions were joined by a baseball field, sand volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, children’s play areas,barbecue areas, wake board contests and triathlon races.
The lake is approximately 1 mile (5280 ft) long and 900 ft wide. The depth of water ranges from shallow shoreline to approximately 24 feet in the deepest areas. It’s 65 acres of water has been the main focus of BLIA for the past 4 years. The water quality for swimming, boating and three regional triathlons is the main concern for both BLIA and Metro. Metro owns half the lake to the north and lake residents own the south and east side of the lake, along with a small portion of the north side. The lake is spring fed from underground aquifers that are hydraulically aided also by the Columbia River which runs along Blue Lake just 1/4 mile to the north.