Invasive Weed Control

BLIA has worked with DEQ and Metro to put together a Aquatic Herbicide Recommended Practices for Blue Lake Homeowners. As you have likely noticed, the weeds are already beginning to grow. BLIA has acquired a modest inventory of herbicides to treat the various varieties of invasive weeds populating the lake. BLIA will perform, to the best of its ability and judgement, applications to the areas hardest hit. If individual residents would like to perform an application and/or assist BLIA with the broader lake effort please contact one of the Board Members listed below. We need to be able to record our actions in order to better judge results and keep DEQ/Metro in the loop.

We have acquired the following products:

Dibrox – a liquid product that treats a wide variety of weeds (milfoil, curlyleaf, elodea)
Hydrothol – a granular product that treats a variety of weeds (millfoil, curlyleaf)
Navigate – a granular product specific to milfoil but also impacts Water Lily
Glypohsate & Surfactant – a liquid product for Water Lily control

As you know, the lily pads have dramatically spread over the last few years, particularly at the East/West ends of the lake. BLIA has successfully used the Glyphosate product over the past few years for lily control. The application must be performed properly for best results. We think that BLIA should coordinate that effort. Mid July to early October is the recommended time to apply. If you will read the pdf attachment from Karen Williams at DEQ, you will get a good understanding of what all three groups would like the residents to do to rid ourselves of the lily pads at the south west and east end in front of those residents houses.

If you are interested in acquiring your own supply of herbicides you can view product and order from the following website Another site that I’ve used in the past, particular to order their milfoil control product Aquacide Pellets is Please be sure to follow the DEQ guidelines and product instructions carefully.

Enjoy your lake,

Jon Wissler
BLIA President

Board Members:
Eric Teyema – Secretary
Gary McCoy – Treasurer
Ernie Brawley
Mel Rieff
Guy Vetere