Board Meeting – September, 2016


Blue Lake Improvement Association

September 21, 2016

Board Members

Jon Wissler

Mel Rieff

Gary McCoy

Ernie Brawley


Guy Vetere

  1. Minutes from 8/23/16 Meeting Approved
  2. Treasury Report – Gary McCoy
    1. Account balance is now at 556.62.
    2. Will check PO box for possible website bill.
    3. PO box key – Gary has one, Jon to contact Jeff T. and get the spare.
  3. Consideration of new Members
    1. Shari Parshall was unable to attend.
    2. Guy Vetere volunteered for and approved as additional Board member.
  4. President Report
    1. Contact List – Jon provided an updated draft of important contacts to include past and present board members, Metro and other Park contacts, etc. Missing info provided and Jon will update the list for the next meeting.
  5. Old Business
    1. Solar Bee Maintenance
      1. Jon contacted Steve Janiszewski of Metro Parks and requested the Solar Bee maintenance schedule and procedures and any water testing history they could provide. Steve said he would check but wasn’t sure anything was written down. May confirm concerns expressed by Joe Horton regarding proper maintenance.
      2. Jon to follow up with Metro. Need to flush this out for possible consideration regarding BLIA taking over Solar Bee maintenance and operations
    2. Weed Control Options
      1. Discussion regarding spread of Lilly pads and possible containment options. Need to verify recommend chemical, application standards and timing.
      2. Continuing to research grass carp as possible weed control solution. Any solution we pursue will have advantages and disadvantages. New resident who lived on Devils Lake may be able to provide first-hand experience of their grass carp application.
      3. Jon to contact Lake Oswego association to see what they’re doing to combat weeds.
      4. Jon to reach out to Karen Williams at DEQ who has worked well us in the past regarding weed control/lake quality issues.
      5. Seems like a coordinated effort between BLIA, Metro, Interlachen and other agencies would be more effective and economic. Hard to get agency buy in and commitment.
  6. New Business
    1. Blue Green Algae incident. Notification needs to be quicker and broader with a less catastrophic tenor. More than a week to get actual test results causes concerns and confusion. Need to coordinate with Metro and Interlachen regarding notification process.
    2. Request Erik to email BLIA Mission Statement so we all have it available to aid in communication with outside parties.
    3. Jon suggested putting a survey together to inquire resident’s desires regarding lake use and attributes (i.e. wildlife, boating, swimming, etc.). May help dictate our mission going forward and willingness to fund efforts.
  7. Next Meeting and Future Schedule
    1. Continue frequency as long as we have something to discuss and/ or review progress on assignments.
    2. Next meeting scheduled for November 9th at 7PM at Jon Wissler’s house (21425).