Board Meeting – September, 2012

Blue Lake Improvement Association
September 11, 2012
Board Members
Erik Teyema
Jeff Townsend
Dan Reynolds
Dennis Meyer(absent)
Ernie Brawley
Mel Rieff
David Winterholler
Sue Ellen Dolan

Joe Horton
Lance West

  1. Minutes from June 19th Meeting Approved
  2. Treasury Report – Dennis Meyer (via e-mail)
    • $ 1,367.00 In Hand
    • $ 1,208.92 outstanding due to Enviroscience — Motion to pay, approved.
    • Grant Hold Back Money due to BLIA is approximately $ 1,760.00
    • Recurring costs for 2013 will be $ 262.00
  3. President’s Report — Jeff Townsend
    • Weevil — Discussion
      1. July 23 Enviroscience surveyed lake – milfoil density has decreased by 50% at stocking sites; more Native plants are appearing — Jeff and Sue Ellen traveled with Enviroscience.
      2. Official report will be issued soon
      3. Asked for more “free” Weevils — Response was No
    • Update on BLIA/Metro Meeting on August 30*
      1. 4th Solar Bee is not in Metro’s upcoming budget and they are suspect of the added value it will provide.
      2. Lake Quality was discussed including impact of weevils.
      3. Karen Williams received a $ 30K grant through EPA to study nutrients and phosphates impact on Oregon Lakes, including Blue Lake.
      4. Lilly Pads were discussed – Karen Williams provided a “draft” for best practices
    • Lily Pads — Discussion
      1. Board members need to Review Karen’s best practice before ne>
    • Solar Bees — Discussion
      1. Reviewed Solar Bee E-mail dated 9/11/12.
      2. Board consensus on 4th Solar Bee was residents and Metro need to be on board with purchase, meaning:
        • Hard data to stakeholders showing the lake has improved with Solar Bees
        • Additional time with 4″‘ solar bee on the lake to see a summer without a bloom
        • Show plan on how Solar Bees will be set and managed throughout the year.
  4. New Business
    • Gary McCoy Nominated to be added to Board, Motion seconded and Approved.
    • Joe Horton discussed the idea of “Boat|ess” wakeboard tournament; he will provide the board with more information.
    • Newsletter needs to be distributed to Blue Lake Homeowners, Jeff asked for ideas.
    • Erik noted his wife will help with a spring fundraiser for BLIA.
  5. Meeting Adjourned — Next Meeting TBD