Board Meeting – June 2012

Blue Lake Improvement Association
June 19, 2012

Board Members

Erika Teyema
Jeff Townsend
Dan Reynolds
Dennis Meyer
David Trask (absent)
Ernie Brawley (absent)
Mel Rieff
David Winterholler
Herman Winterholler (absent)



  1. Minutes from April 3 Meeting Approved
  2. Treasury Report – Dennis Meyer – $ 1,509.64 in Hand
  3. President’s Report – Jeff Townsend
    • Update on BLIA/Metro Meeting on April 30th
      1. Metro will investigate potential to put 4 Solar Bee in 2013/14 Budget
      2. Lake Quality was discussed – Still Need Metro report
      3. Karen Williams looking into 3 other potential grants
      4. Upcoming meeting with Metro Park Manager Dan Kromer – July 25
    • Lily Pads – Discussion
      1. Lily Pads do provide cover for fish and help keep lake cool
      2. BLIA should monitor Lily pads for spreading – Possible take photos
      3. Residents can deal with Lily pads on their waterfront by pulling or cutting.
    • Solar Bees – Discussion
      1. Received Solar Bee May report. Jeff will pull all the info together from past reports to show trends on clarity, pH, etc.
      2. Board Testimonial – Lake appears to be improving – Fewer Weeds, more wildlife both fish and birds.
    • Weevil – Discussion
      1. Enviroscience – Mid-July another survey is scheduled
      2. We should ask for more Weevils
  4. New Business
    • Reif’s offered to donate a band for Fund Raiser
    • Herman Winterholler and David Trask leaving Board
    • Sue Ellen Dolan Nominated to be added to Board, Motion seconded and Approved.
    • Need to recruit other potential board members – Smits, McCoy, Parhall
  5. Meeting Adjourned – Next Meeting TBD – August