Board Meeting – July, 2016

Blue Lake Improvement Association July 26, 2016
Board Members
Erik Teyema
Jeff Townsend
David Winterholler (Late)
Ernie Brawley
Mel Rieff
Sue Ellen Dolan
Gary McCoy

Jon Wissler
Joe Horton
Kathy Larsen

  1. Minutes from 8/29/15 Meeting Approved
  2. Treasury Report – Gary McCoy
    1. Approximate balance is $ 62.
    2. Motion – Request $ 500 from Interlachen , Inc to maintain BLIA operating status – Passed
    3. State of Oregon Corporatio n for 2016 has been paid.
  3. Old Business
    1. Weed Update
      1. Discussed need for better overall control of invasive weeds. Ideas discussed include:
        1. Chemical
        2. Grass Eating Carp
        3. Mechanical Means
    2. Water Fills – BLIA recommends Interlachen Inc. and METRO make lake fills to keep levels at appropriate levels.
    3. Solar Bee Maintenance – Need to discuss with Metro how to manage maintenance of Solar Bees
  4. New Business
    1. Stepping down off board. . .
      1. David Winterholler
      2. Jeff Townsend
      3. Sue Ellen Dolan
    2. Motion – Add Jon Wissler to the Board – Passed
    3. Motion – Make Jon Wissler President of Board – Passed
    4. Need to recruit new Board Members – David Winterholler to ask Lance West; Erik Teyema to ask Sheri Parshall; Mel Reiff to ask Richard Warner; Jon Wissler to ask Jerry Mylet for list of names from June 30th Meeting
    5. Motion – Thank Board Members who are stepping down especially Jeff Townsend in his role as president; BLIA to publically thank at next Interlachen Event – Passed
  5. Meeting Adjourned – Next Meeting August 16th