Board Meeting – August, 2016



Blue Lake Improvement Association

August 23, 2016

Board Members

Erik Teyema

Mel Rieff

Gary McCoy

Ernie Brawley

Jon Wissler


Joe Horton

Kathy Larsen

Sue Ellen Dolan

  1. Minutes from 7/26/16 Meeting Approved
  2. President Report
    1. Contact List – Jon Prepared a draft of important contacts to include past and present board members, Metro and other Park contacts, etc. Comments were taken and Jon will be working on updating the list for the next meeting.
  3. Treasury Report – Gary McCoy
    1. Received check from Interlachen Inc, $ 500.
    2. Approximate balance is now $ 559.62
    3. Non-profit, 501.c.3, paperwork has been completed, validation should be at PO box (#1307 – Gary has key)
    4. Annual expenses are about $ 325 to just exist (website, PO box, State Status, etc).
  4. Old Business
    1. Water Fill
      1. Lake was filled last week
      2. August 10th Metro/Blue Lake Resident Meeting notes as taken by Kori Torheim (attached) indicate Metro wants to continue annual fills.
      3. Need better understanding of trigger for automatic lake fills in the upcoming seasons. We should consider a date on which they automatically fill no matter what to ensure a full lake in late July and August.
    2. Solar Bee Maintenance
      1. Joe Horton expressed concerns that Solar Bees are not being maintained properly and Metro is not water testing in the proper manner.
      2. Jon Wissler to reach out to Metro to get better understanding of their maintenance history, plan, and their water quality data.
      3. Possibly consider BLIA taking on the Solar Bee maintenance role.
    3. Weed Update
      1. General Discussion, no action still reviewing
        1. Chemical
        2. Grass Eating Carp – still following
        3. Mechanical Means
    4. New Board Member update – Sheri Parshall has interest but could not make tonight’s meeting. Erik to invite to next meeting.
  5. New Business
    1. Bio-islands – absorb phosphors – Joe Horton is reviewing and will provide BLIA with more information.
  6. Meeting Adjourned – Next Meeting September 21st