Board Meeting – August, 2014

Blue Lake Improvement Association
August 25, 2014

Board Members

Erika Teyema
Ernie Brawley
Sue Ellen Dolan (absent)
Jeff Townsend
Mel Rieff
Gary McCoy
Dennis Meyer
David Winterholler (absent)



  1. Minutes from 6/24/13 Meeting Approved
  2. Treasury Report – Dennis Meyer
    • $ 477.62 Balance
    • No Outstanding Debts
  3. President’s Report – Jeff Townsend
    • Weed Update
      1. Milfoil has mostly been eradicated by weevils. No outstanding balance with Enviroscience remains. BLIA and residents to monitor Milfol in future
        springs/summers to determine if further action is required.
      2. Curly-leaf Pondweed increased over the spring and through July. Much has died off in August (typical for Curly-leaf life-cycle). As individual homeowners to control Curly-leaf Pondweed follow DEQ best practices as posted on BLIA website. BLIA is soliciting 2-3 proposals from licensed weed control companies for better control of Curly-leaf for the entire lake in upcoming seasons. Once we have obtained proposals, BLIA will work to budget and involve our partners at DEQ, Metro and Interlachen, Inc before taking action. BLIA does have $ 1000 worth of herbicide for Curly-leaf in its possession (stored at Jeff Townsend’s home).
      3. Lilly Pads by visual appearance have increased. As individual homeowners, to control Lilly Pads need to follow DEQ best practices as posted on BLIA website.
      4. Robert Stafford requested $ 215 reimbursement for weed control on east end of Lake. Discussion.
        Motion: Thank Robert Stafford for his efforts to help improve the quality of lake, but not reimburse. – MOTION PASSED

        Motion: Individuals wishing to seek reimbursement for any improvement to the lake, inclusive of purchase of chemicals, need Board approval before proceeding. – MOTION PASSED

    • Solar Bee Update
      1. The middle solar bee has been out of service for a couple of weeks. (UPDATE: Metro replaced control board on August 27 – Solar Bee Operational).
  4. New Business
    • Lake Fill Discussion . . . Recent Lake fill data: 2008 – Approx 17,000,000 Gallons Added, 2009 – Approx 20,000,000 Gallons added, 2010 – no water added, 2011 – no water added, 2012 – no water added, 2013 – no water added, 2014 – no water added.
      Motion: Mel Rieff and Ernie Brawley prepare a study to understand the cost scenarios of using wells to fill the lake along with the chemical content of the
      proposed wells and impact to the lake. – MOTION PASSED
    • Blue Green Algae – Remind homeowners and Metro that phosphorus contributes to the growth of Blue Green Algae. Use “phosphorus free” fertilizers and other “phosphorus free” products that could end up in the lake.
    • Funding – Need further discussions with Interlachen Inc on how boat fees could help fund BLIA projects.
    • New Board Members – Need to recruit new members for upcoming terms.
  5. Meeting Adjourned – Next Meeting TBD