Board Meeting – April, 2015

Blue Lake Improvement Association
April 29, 2015
Board Members
Erik Teyema
Jeff Townsend
Dennis Meyer
Ernie Brawley
Mel Rieff
David Winterholler
Sue Ellen Dolan
Gary McCoy


  1. Minutes from 8/25/14 Meeting Approved
  2. Treasury Report – Dennis Meyer
    1. Dennis Meyer stepping down as treasurer
    2. IRS Forms have been completed for 2015 per Jeff
    3. State of Oregon Non-Profit Status is complete for 2015 per Jeff
    4. Approximate balance is $ 400.
    5. No Outstanding Debts
  3. Old Business
    1. Weed Update
      1. Curly Leaf – BLIA still has $ 1000 worth of herbicide for Curly-leaf in its possession (stored at Jeff Townsend’s home). BLIA reached out to application companies, no response. – Motion – As individual home owners you are responsible for your waterfront. BLIA can direct you to chemical herbicides to be applied following DEQ best practices. – MOTION PASSED
      2. Lily Pads & Milfoil – Continue to monitor.
    2. Solar Bee Update
      1. Two Solar Bees in need of repair – METRO has work scheduled; however, future budgets of Solar Bee repairs need to be discussed.
  4. New Business
    1. Need Treasurer – Motion – Nominate Gary McCoy as treasurer. – MOTION PASSED
    2. Lake Fill Discussion . . . See Interlachen Inc. Meeting Minutes. – Motion – Recommend Interlachen, Inc. and Metro fill the lake as necessary – MOTION PASSED
    3. Interlachen Inc. budget – $ 7,200 is earmarked for Blue Lake? Need further discussion with Interlachen Inc. to understand and validate.
    4. New Board Members – Need to recruit new members for upcoming terms. – Jeff has some ideas – Lance West?
  5. Meeting Adjourned – Next Meeting TBD