Best Practices Guide for Blue Lake Homeowners

To: The Residents on Blue Lake

From : BLIA

BLIA ( Blue Lake Improvement Ass.) has been working with DEQ and Metro to put together a Aquatic Herbicide Recommended Practices for Blue Lake Homeowners. As you have noticed, the lily pads have started to take over where the weevils have eaten the Eurasian mil-foil, that had previously taken over in many areas over the last few years.

BLIA has done some test areas over the past 2 months with the herbicide glyphosate (one brand name is Alligare glyphosate 5.4, you can by it over the internet at or source it or another like herbicide at a chemical company in this area ) with a sticker spreader ( surfactant ), sprayed on the pads and it has done a good job of killing them. Mid July to early October is the recommended time to apply. Using a paddle boat with a garden sprayer has worked effectively to apply the herbicide. If you will read the pdf attachment from Karen Williams at DEQ, you will get a good understanding of what all three groups would like the residents to do to rid ourselves of the lily pads at the south west and east end in front of those residents houses.
If you decide to treat the pads yourself please follow the recommended practices and contact Jeff Townsend at so I can give DEQ a annual report on what we have done on the lake.
The weevil are doing their job at both ends of the lake and will continue to eat their way around the ends of the lake. At this time BLIA recommends that the only herbicide applied, be on the lily pads in front of your houses. Please if you have any questions about this plan contact me at the above email or call me at 503-793-1870 .
BLIA will also be sending out their annual end of summer news letter in the next couple of days via email.
Enjoy your lake

Jeff Townsend

BLIA President

Board Members: Ernie Brawley, VP David Winterholler, Sue Ellen Dolan, Secretary Eric Teyema, Dan Reynolds, Mel Rieff, Treasurer Dennis Meyer and Gary McCoy