BLIA was started in 2008 as a grass roots group of 9 homeowners, out of a need to help our fellow Blue Lake residents and neighbor Metro to bring better water quality, infrastructure and quality of life to our lake. Joe Horton was the catalyst to bring the solarbees [water circulating machines] to our lake on a trial basis and was our first facilitator in 2008. On March 4th 2009 after organizational and pioneer meetings were held, BLIA was formed as a domestic non-profit corporation under 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. With then President Curt Knight heading the organization and the board with great help from board members Rick and Sue Myers, BLIA was brought to their current non-profit status. As the solar-bees were purchased by non-profit donations of 75,000 dollars from residents and a matching gift from Metro of 75,000 dollars the first three solar-bees became part of the Blue Lake landscape.

The brief history of BLIA has begun and as we the residents, Metro, and DEQ continue to add biological controls [weevils] mechanical control from solar-bees and also some mechanical weed harvesting through raking, the work is going strong to develop a cleaner, less weed evasive and safer lake to live by.

BLIA will continue to grow and evolve as long as the residents stay involved and are dedicated to keeping our lake and shore lines updated with the newest and most inovative ideas that come along through grants, donations, gifts, solicitations, fund raising and hard work.